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Welcome to Golden Resources!

Golden Resources is a company dedicated to serving people. Currently there are three active divisions with two others underdevelopment.

The first division is the financial educational services division. We offer financial education, financial coaching, custom spending plans, and linkage with Professional Financial Advisors to build wealth after you have retired your debt and gained control of all of your cash flow!.

The flagship product is our financial educational division with the SELF system. SELF (Systematic Expansion of Leveraged Financing) Is a patent pending system of cash flow management. This system is an educational tool to help individuals and businesses learn to use the power of leveraged financing, the time value of money and over-all cash flow. Most of us growing up, had no formal education in the way to use money other than being told we should have a budget and we should save.

We invite you to examine the pages regarding the self system. Please take the time to peruse what our process has to offer.

The second division is Golden Resources Media Services. Golden Resources along with our partners provide quality grassroots marketing strategies, video production with our video press kit, and Video conversion so you can keep the treasures you capture on your smart phone. We provide a wide range of video creation and production services suitable for the web as well as broadcast television. Examine our page for Golden resources media.

The third division of Golden resources is our professional coaching program. The team at Golden resources has experience in many areas of life, Our team of business consultants, and professional therapists as well as life coaches can assist you in reaching your potential in life. The President of Golden Resources, while being and entrepreneur is also a licensed Master Social Worker and has over the decades of practice in various settings counseled people in many areas of life. He has transitioned his practice from counseling to coaching using many of the same skill sets employed as a practicing social worker.  Jeff and the team at Golden Resources provide life coaching and business coaching.  The team has proven experience in coaching people in their over-all life success goals. The life coaching system he employs helps people determine and focus on their goals for success in life.

Information on the projects in development will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

Our Premium Product

S.E.L.F. (Systematic Expansion of Leveraged Financing) Is the Showcase Product of Golden Resources. Many people are unaware of the benefits of using the time value of money or the power of all of their cash flow to their advantage. Let Golden Resources show you how. Start with an evaluation of your current use of your resources.